The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption

“How do you turn a lump of coal into a diamond?
Apply pressure to it.”

The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption is an action-packed reality series that showcases individuals redeemed and transformed through the Way of Kung Fu.

With all of life’s challenges – everything from lack of self confidence to battling addiction, loss, or health concerns – sometimes a massive intervention is needed to help create positive change.

The Sifu: Kung Fu Redemption allows viewers to follow and become inspired by the transformational journeys of our students, who come to us from all walks of life in order to traverse the path from a hurting individual – regardless of what that “hurt” might be – to a centered, confident, balanced individual who will be able to meet life’s constant challenges with the calmness and confidence of a warrior.

Students who go through Kung Fu Redemption will learn not only martial arts, but will also enter the world of esoteric and powerful Taoist secrets, and Chinese healing.

The Details

Each episode of Kung Fu Redemption will feature the story of a student and his or her journey through transformation or redemption.

Students will come from a variety of backgrounds and have a variety of different life issues that they are struggling to deal with.

  • Those seeking to reach their next level
  • The disempowered
  • The unemployed
  • The homeless
  • The unhealthy
  • The victimized
  • The bullied
  • The lost
  • Those that have lost their Mojo

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